Stop Being a Bridesmaid

The majority of women have dreamed of walking down the aisle to marry their perfect mate, but in any group there will always be one who is the last single left. It is a lonely feeling when she sees all her friends happily living out their dreams, starting families of their own, and looking forward to a bright future. She might wonder why she has never come close to walking down that aisle, and she definitely wants to stop being nothing more than a supporting character in the weddings of her friends.

Attracting a mate

It is a struggle to find love in the modern world, but it is not any more different than the search has ever been. The largest differences today are the availability of potential ways to meet the right person, and the lack of connection between people. Attracting a mate begins with meeting plenty of potential mates, so utilising modern methods to do it is a good way to get started.

Dating services

There are many online dating services available, so there is no reason to avoid them. Most of them encourage talking through emails, texts and phone before the actual meeting, so people have a chance to screen out those who are not suitable. Even if only a few potential matches are seen, this balances the odds in favour of the bridesmaid. She can dismiss all of them if necessary and find a new dating service.

Becoming more attractive

Few women think past their looks when it comes to attractiveness, but that is not the only measure. There are mates who look for nothing more, but a good one will want charm, personality and independence in their relationship partner. A bridesmaid who takes the reins of life into her own hands is much more attractive than one who spends hours on her hair, makeup and dress. She might not look perfectly groomed, but a willingness to be adventurous shows she is attractive on the inside.

Keep an open mind

There are plenty of losers when it comes to dating, and they are often the ones who look good enough but have little substance under it. Someone who only looks for a perfect physical specimen is trying to capture a fairy tale instead of finding a relationship. A date does not have to look perfect to be wonderful, so it pays to keep an open mind and explore past their physical attributes.

Even with the largess of electronic connections, it is still a struggle to find love in the world today. Single women who have always been bridesmaids need to look past their dreams and see the real world. Rather than settling for someone with looks and nothing else, they need to close their eyes and open their minds. Dating services are not all perfect, but there are more than enough to help at least balance the odds in favour of finding someone after kissing or dating a lot of frogs. It might not seem very romantic, but ditching the fairy tales and looking for reality is the best way to stop being a bridesmaid.